Variety Box Set Of 5 Soaps

Here is the chance to try a few different bars of Natural Handmade Suds. Stock up or share with a friend! we will send out 5 of our top sellers if you choose to buy our variety box .

Note : All the soaps come at a price of Rs 550 if you choose this box

Rs. 2750.


ROJA Rose Gift Set - Set of 3 soaps

Roja Rose Gift set Give the gift of sensuous Roses with our Roja rose gift set . Made with pure Rose essential oil , Geranium and Palm rosa healing oils , this box makes a pure sensuous gift .

Roja Rose box contains
1. Roja rose bar
(Made with rose oil and all things rose )
2. Rose aloe bar
(Geranium, palm rosa , rose , rosemary lemon essential oils and aloe Vera )
3. Cleopatra
( milk and Geranium, Palmrosa , rose essential oils)

Rs. 1750.